Zimbabwe Vice President, Kembo Mohadi Resigns Amid Sex Scandal

Zimbabwe’s 71-year-old Vice President Kembo Mohadi on Wednesday dismissed allegations of sexual misconduct levelled by an online news outlet and dubbed himself as the victim of “political machinations”.Recently, ZimLive made three audio recordings of Mohadi’s phone conversations public.

The online publication claimed that in the audios, Mohadi is apparently soliciting sex from a number of women, including a married Central Intelligence Officer working in his office.In one of the telephone conversations, a man can be heard scheduling to have sex at his office.Advertising

Later, Mohadi “categorically” distanced himself from the “imagined immoral behaviour” and called himself “innocent” while addressing a press conference that was broadcast on Zimbabwe Television Network. He further blamed unnamed political foes for undertaking a voice morphing campaign to damage his reputation.”I am innocent and a victim of political machinations being peddled through hacking and voice cloning,” said the ex-intelligence minister.

“Despite growing impatient because of days of weird character assassinations, I wish to categorically state that the allegations being levelled against me are not only false but also well-choreographed to demean, condescend and spoil my image as a national leader and patriot,” added Mohadi.Mohadi, one of Zimbabwe’s two vice presidents, is a veteran of the country’s liberation war.

The retired soldier pledged his loyalty as a “committed leader… and servant of this great nation”.“I remain a committed leader, father, cadre and servant of this great nation. So, nothing is going to change because all this is concocted to tarnish my image. If anything is going to happen it is going to be His Excellency who will determine my future,” he said.In March 2019, Mohadi was in news for threatening to attack his ex-wife Tambudzani Bhudagi Mohadi with an axe due to a dispute over property.

Source:- Timesnownews

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