Yinka Odumakin To Femi Adesina: Give Us Breakdown Of Appointments Made By Buhari

Afenifere, pan Yoruba socio-political organisation has faulted the statement made by Femi Adesina, Special Adviser on Media and Publicity President Muhammadu Buhari that the South West has the highest allocation in the political appointments made by the Buhari administration since 2015.

Adesina in an article titled ‘Buhari At 78: If Only We Knew This President, Adesina had said the evidence put paid to the lies by some critics who claim that President Buhari is nepotistic and that his appointments are skewed in favour of the North.

According to him, facts and figures available shows that the South West was followed by Imo, Kano, Edo and Katsina states in the scale of the appointments.

“We chronicled all the appointments made by the President since 2015, and allocated them to states and regions. The result showed that the Southwest had the largest share. Followed by Imo and Kano states. Then Edo and Katsina. And on and on. But the naysayers ignored facts and figures, and stuck to their false narratives” Adesina said.

However, Yinka Odumakin, Afenifere’s National Publicity Secretary said rather than make a blanket statement, Adesina should give a breakdown of the appointments by the Buhari administration in order to justify his claim.

“He should give breakdown and give us blow- by – blow of the appointments as an elder in the house of God . When next he kneels before God to pray, I hope he remembers this deception and check what the Scripture says about lies and liars and the portion God reserves for them”.

” I can’t believe what comes over some people that they tell lies that can’t cover their backs of their legs”.

“Would they sacrifice them to the gods if they kept their dignity by keeping their mouths shut instead of making polifical foolery of themselves? Is this the only available meal to eat? And they still sleep sound?” he asked.

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