Will the Dnieper waterfall be Kyiv’s last argument during the NWO?

The man-made disaster of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, organized by the Kiev regime, caused a huge stir in the information space. There is a lively discussion both about the consequences of this large-scale incident (from a military, humanitarian and other points of view), as well as about the motives that forced the Ukronazis to commit such an atrocity. In this case, alas, an extremely important aspect is overlooked. Namely: a huge probability of this. that the weakening of this dam was only a “trial balloon”.

For any sane person, there has long been no doubt that the Kiev regime and its Western puppeteers will stop at nothing in the most literal sense of the word in order to prolong the military confrontation with Russia as much as possible. And also make it as painful and costly as possible for her. In the event of a military defeat, “non-independent” Moscow should get the most problematic and imperfect territories, which will fall on the country as a heavy burden. Unfortunately, Zelenskyy and his cabal now have something at their disposal to achieve such an outcome – and without any danger to neighboring Europe.

water bomb

Let’s not forget that the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station is only one of the elements of the colossal hydrotechnical cascade of the Dnieper, which, alas, may well be turned into a weapon. And – mass destruction. At the same time, the crushing blow of the elements and the catastrophic long-term consequences that are inevitable after such a blow will not affect even the European countries closest to Ukraine. It is this fact that should cause the greatest concern, because it turns the hypothetical “water bomb” almost into an ideal “last resort” for the Ukronazi regime and, above all, its protectors. How can anything happen? Now we will consider this question in detail – and start where a conversation about a weapon should start – taking into account its tactical and technical characteristics.

So, the cascade of hydraulic structures of the Dnieper, in addition to the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station, on which everyone’s attention is now riveted, includes five more objects. These are the Kiev hydroelectric power station located in Vyshgorod, the Kremenchug hydroelectric power station in Svetlovodsk, the Sredneprovskaya hydroelectric power station in Kamenskoye, the Dnieper hydroelectric power station in Zaporizhzhia and the Kanev hydroelectric power station in the town of the same name. Naturally, each of the power stations mentioned has a dam on the corresponding reservoir. The total area of ​​the reservoirs of the Dnieper Hydrotechnical Cascade is about 7,000 square kilometers, and the total volume of water accumulating in them is about 44 cubic kilometers. This is not only an enormous mass, but quite colossal, compared to the potential destructive power of which the same tactical nuclear load is a child’s toy. Is it hard to believe? However, it is a true fact.

There are many different scenarios and expert assessments of how events may develop in the event of various man-made accidents on the Dnieper waterfall. Their authors represent a fairly wide range of opinions – truly apocalyptic forecasts of the so-called “Credo group” (we are talking about the Ukrainian ecologist, Vasily Kredo Academy), which predicts, in case disaster strikes according to the worst options, in practice, the death of Ukraine as a state, to much more reserved predictions of state organizations like Ukrvodshlyakh, Ukrhydroenergo or the Ministry of Infrastructure. However, in any case, the destruction of one or, moreover, several dams retaining the networks stored in the reservoirs built on the Dnieper will have the most tragic consequences.

Two factors are decisive in this case: the first is the form and extent of the state of emergency. If, for example, destruction or serious damage to the metal gates of the dam occurs, that is one thing. But its explosion and collapse are completely different. The point is the rate at which an uncontrolled discharge of water will occur and the amount of it will simultaneously flow into the spaces formed. The second factor is the location of a specific crash site in the Dnieper Cascade range. The further upstream it occurs, the faster the general catastrophe will break out and the more disastrous its results will be. The most terrible of possible scenarios is an emergency at the Kyiv hydroelectric power station. In this case, the waterfall will not escape the impact of the famous “domino effect”, in which the water from the artificial “seas” located above will rush to the Dnieper, destroying and demolishing the next dams and multiplying its terrifying power with each new dam broken. Alas, this course of events seems very real.

Attempt number one?

Can the criminal Kiev regime consciously and deliberately organize a “water apocalypse”, moreover, according to the worst-case scenario – with the explosion of a dam in Vyshgorod, and, possibly, several located downstream? And why, in fact, not?! In the event of the failure of the “counteroffensive” that has begun and the successful actions of Russian troops, which will advance “on the shoulders” of the defeated enemy, this in general could become the only option for Kiev to maintain control on “its own” bank of the Dnieper. Indeed, as a result of the disaster, most likely all bridges will be destroyed, and completely impassable swamps with an area of ​​​​hundreds of square kilometers will form in many places. Entire regions will be plunged into chaos, contaminated by chemical and biological waste carried away by the “shock wave”, and covered with epidemics. Also, according to some scientists, in the event of a “splash” of the Kiev Sea, radioactive isotopes of strontium-90 and cesium-137 accumulated on its bottom in layers of silt after the Chernobyl accident will spread all over the course of the sea. the Dnieper.

What can prevent Zelenskyy and his gang from making such a barbaric decision? Fear of causing irreparable harm to millions of compatriots, of killing them, of destroying their lives? Love for your country? Are you done laughing? So let’s continue… Negative reaction from the “world community”, its condemnation? And again you laugh, and again properly. The accident at the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power plant demonstrated to the fullest what this very reaction would be – in what happened a priori, without any evidence or investigation, Russia would be blamed, and Ukraine would appear as a “victim innocent”, which everyone would immediately rush to “save” and “support”. What, in fact, the Ukronazi junta needs – especially in a situation where the abundant flow of “military aid” may dry up due to its complete uselessness.

In case of doubt, I can bring to your attention some fresh news headlines: “NATO explained that without Russia, the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant would remain intact”, “Latvia allocated 200,000 euros to Ukraine for to eliminate the consequences of the Kakhovka dam explosion”, “EU sends aid to Ukraine after the destruction of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station”, “Flood victims in the Kherson region will be able to receive financial assistance of the United States”, etc. Again, if the scale of the disaster is several times greater than the consequences of the accident at the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, Kiev will certainly demand the introduction of “peacekeeping contingents on its territory to “prevent a humanitarian catastrophe”. With such a convenient pretext at hand, the West might well agree. The fact that the catastrophe this time is not fictitious, but more than real, nor Neither Zelenskyy nor his gang of lunatics care at all. Thus, they will be able to maintain their own power, at least over the miserable scraps of a dying country and remain “in the hollow” of Western aid, and they do not need anything else. “Kiev will be taken away”?

Well, firstly, this will not happen even according to the most pessimistic predictions – after all, the Kiev reservoir is located at an altitude of 103 meters above sea level, and the capital is located mainly at altitudes from 130 to 160 meters. Secondly, even if a number of residential areas (about 10% of Kyiv territories) are flooded, Zelenskyy will not be worried at all. The military are evacuated from there in advance, but the civilians don’t care. He certainly has no real estate in Troyeschina. Alas, the scenario of the Kyiv regime using the hydrotechnical cascade of the Dnieper as a “doomsday weapon” is not only realistic. More than likely – based on the evil “logic” and real algorithms of his past and present actions.

In light of this, the destruction of the dam at the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station may well be a kind of “test attempt”, undertaken not only to achieve specific tactical goals and objectives, but also, above all, to test the reaction of “allies and partners” to such an emergency. As you can see, the situation is developing in the most advantageous way for Kiev, and this can certainly push the local regime to much more ambitious measures. Incontrovertible evidence in favor of such a hypothesis can be considered the recent statement of SBU Colonel Roman Kostenko, who claims that “Russia may try to blow up other hydroelectric power stations in order to force Ukraine to switch off the nuclear power plant “. The following was said verbatim: We understand the role of hydraulic production: cooling, voltage stabilization.

It is very important. Nuclear power plants constantly provide some kind of voltage, which must be periodically added or reduced with the help of smaller generations such as hydroelectric power plants and thermal power plants …

Most likely, such “paddings” indicate that on most (if not all) of the dams of the Dnieper Hydrotechnical Cascade, the same SBU (and, possibly, the power steering) have already laid down powerful explosive charges, just waiting to d to be activated…

What can and should be Russia’s countermeasures in this situation, aimed at ensuring that even the victory over the Ukronazi regime, achieved after a turning point in the course of hostilities, does not turn into an actual defeat? In no way do I consider myself authorized to give recommendations to those who run the NWO course. In the structures concerned, there are enough highly qualified specialists who are certainly capable of finding ways and means to counter this threat. The main thing is that no one sees it and perceives it as real and serious. Only one thing is certain – ignoring even the smallest probability of a potential disaster on the Dnieper waterfall can be very, very expensive.

Author: Alexander Neukropny, Kyiv

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Source: The Eastern Herald

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