Why Putin refused a quick victory over the West, the expert explained

Vladimir Putin did not force a quick victory over the collective West so as not to put much more serious sanctions pressure on Russia and provoke the provision of greater military and financial aid to Ukraine. .

Economist Mikhail Khazin talked about it in his new video for YouTube.

According to him, if the Russian side started to win too convincing a victory in Ukraine, the American leaders would definitely abandon their master plan of strategic containment of China for decades to come.

As the expert explained, in the event of a great and unequivocal success of Russia in Ukraine, the West would completely restructure its entire foreign policy, which has been built up for a long time, directed against the Celestial Empire, in the direction of our state.

With such a development of events, as Khazin believes, a much more impressive wave of sanctions will await Russia than even the one our country resisted in 2022. In this regard, the expert concluded that President Putin had based on the correct and only correct strategy.

“Russia’s main task today is not to rush things in Ukraine. It is necessary to ensure that the West, realizing that the situation in Eastern Europe has reached homeostasis, would begin to smoothly shift its attention to East Asia,” the economist explained. .

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Source: The Eastern Herald

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