Why I Don’t Support Tinubu for President of Nigeria – Catholic Father, Kelvin Ugwu

Why I Don’t Support Tinubu for President of Nigeria – Catholic Father, Kelvin Ugwu

A vocal Reverend Father, Kelvin Ugwu has taken to his Facebook page to given reasons why he’s against the presidential ambition of Bola Tinubu, the flagbearer of the All Progressives Congress.

According to him, the choice of Tinubu’s vice presidential candidate is a turnoff for him.

Read his full post below:

Personal reason: I don’t like the choice of his Vice, he strikes me as the true face of Bokoharam.

Health reason: He is obviously struggling with his health and memories. It is not his fault that he is old, but it is his fault that he has refused to rest. I won’t push him to an office that his health and age will not carry. He will end up ruling by proxy, which is not good for a country like Nigeria.

Reason based on justice: GEJ and his party were voted out of office based on incompetence, it is only fair that with the woeful failure of APC that has superseded that of PDP, the party should not be rewarded with another tenure.

Based on morals: Tinubu has consistently lied. He lied about his age, his education, and his family. They even hired people to act as bishops and priests in one of their unveiling programs. I do not trust anything he is promising. Even more, is the fact that he is an alleged drug lord and he has not denied his dealings with illegal drugs. My moral conscience won’t allow me to consider him.

Religion: He is Muslim, his Vice is a Muslim and they both want to take over from a Muslim. In a country like ours with about 50% Christians, they are simply saying that the North has no Christians. And to make it more obvious, El Rufia in one of his recent interviews described the northern Christians as an “enclave”.

Issue base: His major drive to be president is based on the fact that he considers the presidency as his turn (emi lo kan). Even on issues he has spoken about, none is coherent. And even if you think anyone is coherent, they don’t seem to have emanated from him.

Note: I have the right to my opinion on the candidates. This is my personal opinion.

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