“We Are In The Era Where It Is ‘Ok’ To Marry Your Friend’s Ex-husband – Pretty Mike

Controversial club-owner and socialite, Pretty Mike has given his two cents on relationships.

In an Instagram post he shared, Pretty Mike averred that the Valentine’s day celebration exposed lots of cheating among couples in the country.

The socialite who further revealed that we are in the era where it is okay for someone to marry their friend’s ex-husband also told his ex-girlfriends’ friends who have a crush on him to speak up.

He Wrote;

“If a girl sleeps with u and sleeps with ur friends and brings the pregnancy to u, will u automatically take it ???, Some of u were rejected by ur fathers because of ur mother’s character…..

This Feb 14 exposed alot in our society, a lot of husbands were caught cheating, plenty wives went on undercover dates, main boyfriends were blocked from various social media platforms and Loads of girlfriends posted new lovers on their private snap.

Bottomline we are in the era where it is now “ok” to marry ur friends ex-husband….So if u are a friend to my ex girlfriends and u have been crushing on me, Abeg feel free to msg me, Who knows ur happiness might just be seconds away”.

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