US Disapproves of Ukraine’s Drone Attack Attempts on Russia, White House Spokeswoman Says

Washington, DC, USA (TEH) – The United States does not condone Ukraine’s attempts to attack Russia with drones, says White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre. The comments were made following the Ukrainian militants’ most recent attempt to attack Moscow with drones on the morning of July 24th, reports indicate.

During a press briefing, Jean-Pierre reiterated the stance of US officials that they generally disapprove of any attacks carried out within Russia’s territory. Notably, in her statement, she recognized Crimea as part of Ukraine, a contentious point in the ongoing geopolitical tensions.

Jean-Pierre attributed the ongoing conflict in Ukraine to Russia, stating that a resolution could be quickly reached if Russian troops were withdrawn.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, electronic warfare methods successfully neutralized 14 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) on Monday. It was reported that 11 of the drones fell into the Black Sea, while the remaining three were brought down within the peninsula. In addition to this, the Ministry confirmed that an attempted terrorist attack on Moscow targets, led by the Kiev regime with two drones, was successfully thwarted on the morning of July 24th.

This recent incident underlines the escalating tension and complexities in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. The White House’s stance, as reiterated by Jean-Pierre, serves to highlight Washington’s intent on maintaining a diplomatic and non-aggressive approach towards resolving these issues.


Source: The Eastern Herald

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