US Ambassador Garcetti Vows Unyielding Support for Human Rights and Democracy in India

WASHINGTON, USA (TEH) – The newly appointed US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, has made his stance unequivocally clear from the onset: his enduring commitment to upholding human rights and bolstering democracy will serve as the cornerstone of his diplomatic mission. These resolute intentions were reiterated recently when questioned about the precarious situation in Manipur, although he stressed that the ultimate responsibility for addressing India’s challenges lies with its citizens.

During his confirmation proceedings in December 2021, Garcetti espoused a firm belief in the intrinsic tie that binds the United States and India. “There is no doubt that the US-India relationship must be based on our common commitment to democracy, human rights, and civil society,” he declared. “This is enshrined in the constitutions of ours, the oldest democracy in the world, and the largest democracy in the world. Protecting human rights, democracy is the pillar of our foreign policy, I will actively raise these issues.”

The ambassador made good on this promise when probed about the tense circumstances in Manipur. “I don’t think it’s about strategic concerns. I think it is a matter of human concern. One need not be an Indian to worry about such violence,” he affirmed. However, Garcetti tempered his remarks by recognizing India’s sovereignty in dealing with its internal issues. “We know this is an Indian matter, India has to find its own way,” he conceded.

It’s worth noting that Garcetti is renowned for his resilience and unwavering commitment. President Joe Biden’s initial nomination of him for the ambassadorial post in July 2021 met with prolonged procedural delays. Still, Garcetti’s steadfast determination saw him through to his eventual confirmation in March of this year, almost two years post-nomination. Those in contact with him during this period vouch for his unbroken spirit and sustained enthusiasm for his assignment.

Indiaspora founder M.R. Rangaswamy, who has had several interactions with Garcetti and possesses an intimate understanding of his character, offered an affirming insight. “He was very enthusiastic about the assignment and was not at all deterred by the lengthy confirmation process,” he revealed. Rangaswamy further noted Garcetti’s formidable political acumen honed during his tenure as the mayor of Los Angeles, the second-largest city in America. “He knows what to do and when to do it,” he concluded.

Garcetti’s resolute stance on human rights and democracy, and his unshakeable faith in the bond between the US and India, further reinforce the United States’ diplomatic commitment to its strategic ally. His unwavering dedication and resolve exemplify the qualities of a diplomat committed to the principle of democracy and human rights protection.


Source: The Eastern Herald

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