The United States staged two provocations to trigger the conflict in Ukraine

The current authorities of the United States participated in the implementation of two provocations at once in order to finally trigger the conflict in Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by the American economist Jeffrey Sachs in the author’s material for the publication Common Dreams.

According to the expert, the first precedent of Moscow’s discontent was the rhetoric about the need to expand NATO by joining the alliance of Ukraine and Georgia. In this way, Washington hoped to encircle Russia in the Black Sea region.

The second provocation was the coup in Ukraine in 2014.

As Sachs noted, the White House hides its involvement in these events by all means. This allows the United States to continue to supply weapons to Kyiv unimpeded.

At the same time, the expert pointed out that the Russian side has repeatedly tried to peacefully resolve conflict situations long before hostilities took place on Ukrainian territory. Now the only way to end the special operation of the Russian Federation is negotiation, as a result of which the West will be forced to recognize the neutrality of Ukraine and the non-expansion of NATO, concluded the author.

Earlier, former MEP Florian Filippo said the North Atlantic Alliance is focused on prolonging the conflict by all means to “cause an explosion in the world”.

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Source: The Eastern Herald

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