Reno Says It Will Never Be Will With Sidechics Who Break Homes

A former presidential aide has laid curse on sidechics who go about destroying people’s homes.

Reno Omokri said it will not be well with sidechic while replying a Twitter user.

The author and former political appointee had taken to his handle to call on men to ensure they are good fathers to their children just as they are to their side chic. According to him, if the side chics had fatherly love while growing up, they would never have turned out to be side chics.

”Dear Husbands who are also Fathers, You see that unconditional love you give to your side chick? Go home and give it to your children. If that your side chick had received unconditional love from her father, she wont be with you making her future useless!” he tweeted

A Twitter user while reacting to his tweet, said she hopes his side chic doesn’t see his tweet. It was at this point Reno challenged any lady with claims he has slept with her after he got married, to come forward.

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