promises become trouble

Elections can be won by announcing free women, but when the time comes for implementation, the governments start seeing stars in the day itself. The people of the state put their faith in the guarantees given by the Congress to the voters orally in the election meetings in Karnataka and the announcement made by the top leaders of the party, especially Rahul Gandhi, that all the guarantees would be passed in the first meeting of the cabinet itself. Did it, trusted to such an extent that after the formation of the government, women after sitting in the state transport buses are quarreling with the conductors for the fact that the government has made their tickets free, why are they being asked for tickets now? ? Similarly, the consumers are getting confused with the employees of the Electricity Department regarding the electricity bill that the bill has been waived for 200 units, why are they being asked to deposit the bill now? On the other hand, Parameswaran, a senior Dalit leader of Congress, asked the government that even after so many days of formation of the government, if Bajrang Dal is not banned then it is against the promise.

In fact, political parties make many promises to win the elections, but when the time comes to fulfill them, they keep silence or start counting compulsions citing the economic crisis as the reason.

However, the political situation of the Congress in the state of Rajasthan may prove to be a challenge for the party. On Wednesday, May 24, a scuffle broke out between MP DK Suresh, brother of Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivavumar, and Patil, a minister in the Siddaramaiah government, over whether Siddaramaiah would complete his five-year term. The central leadership is not ready to say anything on the matter that for how many days both the leaders have to remain the Chief Minister but the supporters are fighting among themselves. The bottom line is that promises prove helpful in forming the government but become a bone of the neck in running the government. (sp)

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