N35K Registration Fee: Regina Daniels Sponsors 15 People for Hilda Baci’s Cooking Class

N35K Registration Fee: Regina Daniels Sponsors 15 People for Hilda Baci’s Cooking Class

Regina Daniel, a popular Nollywood actress and senator’s wife, has paid for 15 people to attend Hilda Baci‘s cooking class.

Hilda Baci, the world record holder, recently created an online cooking class with a registration price of N35,000.

Remember that a young lady who enrolled in Hilda’s class claimed that the GWR holder made more than N70 million from over 2000 individuals.

Regina Daniels paid N35k for 15 people on her work’s official Instagram profile, myfoodbyhilda, bringing the total cost to N525k for the lucky pupils to take the session.

The announcement message reads, “In her process of helping more people acquire skill to enable them to become more self sufficient @regina.daniels paid for 15 people to join my upcoming online class and these persons are to be picked at random please go say thank you to her for being so gracious and of course let me know if you want to be one of these lucky 15 people I will post the winner tomorrow on my story”. See the post below:

Social media users shared their thoughts as they took to comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

dires_treat said, “Thank you so much @regina.daniels

I would really love to be among those who would be lucky enough to get picked for the class..I love Hilda’s cooking and I’ve always wanted to partake in one of her online classes..Thank you”.

sandyshair_ said, “I am interested”.

seunfunmi.joanstephen said, “I’m interested on behalf of the young widows on my platform who need this skill. It would be a great honor. Thank you so much.”

ph_errand_girl01 said, “I’m interested in this class miss Hilda and I’m a student in Uniport .. Thanks for this platform”.

unusual_kitchenn said, “I would love to join the class but the high Increase in Unilag school fees which I school at has made it impossible too, I would be glad to be among the 15 people as it would boost my knowledge and also give me an edge as an upcoming chef and studentpreneur ,Thanks”.

the_efospecial said, “I would love the opportunity to be part of your cooking class. I have always been passionate about cooking and I believe that your class would be a great way for me to learn new skills and techniques. I would be extremely grateful for the chance to learn from you because it will also help my food business and I promise to make the most of this opportunity.”


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