Muslim Community Finally Forgives Davido Following Apology

Muslim Community Finally Forgives Davido Following Apology

Davido has finally been forgiven by Muslim community in Nigeria.

This was made known by a northerner identified as @Sarki_sultan.

He said Davido has been forgiven for the controversial music video of his signee, Logos Olori following the apology post by Isreal DMW.

He wrote; “Insha Allah this will be my last post about Davido’s Issue. I will start with thanking All my Muslims brothers/sisters for their maximum effort and also our Christians friends who understand and support our opinions, Islam teaches us to forgive and forget most especially when the other party apologized and understand their wrong doing, we urge our Muslims brothers/sisters to remain calm and continue to focus on their day to day activities, we always pray for a better Nigeria. All regions are enemies of each other, leaving our biggest enemies enjoying the hardships of our forefathers, I believed that when all regions love, respect each other, and also respect everyone’s opinions and believe, we all will left with one enemy to fight (politicians). and that’s when we all can join hand together to fight for our right.

Lastly social media play a vital role in our society, let’s both region influencers collaborate in other to promote peace and unity in our society. SULTAN PEACE .”

See reactions below;

cashbenkid: Juju 1 Muslim 0 award to be won: Christian Dior wears.

iamrealebere: Burning Davido’s infinix posters because of his Mosque video is not enough… I hereby call on every true Arewa to smash their infinix phones so he can really get the message.

@Khadeeejaaat:  Toh Alhamdulillah, sarki sultan all I can say is you stood up for our religion, ignoring all insults you stood firm and fought for us, thank you very much may Allah reward you abundantly. You’ve truly earned my respect .

orchidollsbakehouse: Jubilation all over which nigeria, biko hit the love button if you know Christianity is all about peace,love, tolerance, and kindness..

@transmisiaa:  U try, may Allah bless you more and accept every act you played as an act of Ibadat.

razarch: Last Last God is Love and Love is the true religion, but the biggest religious people are too dumb to realize

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