Mother Abandons Her Newborn Baby With A Note Saying She Was Impregnated And Dumped By A Man Who Promised Her Marriage

A newborn baby was found along a road in Daura town, Katsina state with a handwritten note by the mother pleading with whoever finds the child to give her the name written on the note and cater for her.

The baby girl was found inside a carton at Unguwar Amare, an outskirt of Daura Town around 1:20 AM on Friday, February 12.

In the note left with the newborn, the mother also pleaded with whoever finds the child to name her “Barira”

She also expressed her regret over her action, claiming that she was deceived by an unnamed man who impregnated her and dumped her after he promised to marry her.According to one Yawale Musa Kallah Daura, the baby was taken to the police station by the good samaritans who found her and later to the hospital.The note reads: “ASSALAMU ALAIKUM. INI WANNAN BAIWAR ALLAH DA NA AJE WANNAN JARIRIYA BA DAN SAN RAINA BA ?ADDARA CE, WANI YA YAUDARE NI YA CE ZAI AURE NI YA MIN WANNAN CIKIN YA GUDU YA BARI NA HAIFETA SHI NE NA KAWO TA NA AJIYE TA ALLAH YA HA?A TA DA HANNU NA GARI AMIN, SUNANTA BARIRA ALLAH YA SHIRYI YAN BAYA KUMA ALLAH YA RAYA MANA ITA AMI”

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