Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Announces Revolutionary Social Policies and Infrastructure Investments

BHOPAL, India (TEH) – Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced on Sunday that Gopalpur, a village in Sehore district, will be transformed into a tehsil with major investments in infrastructure and social initiatives. The announcement came during a public meeting in the village, part of the Vikas Parv festivities.

Chouhan emphasized the power of the Ladli Behna Yojana, an initiative aimed at bolstering the status of women in society. He described the policy as a “social revolution,” one that could profoundly influence India’s political landscape and drive the development of Madhya Pradesh.

“I have run the government not as a chief minister but as a member of the family. Being the maternal uncle of nephews and nieces, I am naturally the brother of sisters and always work to strengthen sisters,” said Chouhan, painting an intimate picture of his approach to governance.

The chief minister further expounded on the implementation of Ladli Bahna, stating, “My aim behind planning Ladli Bahna is to strengthen sisters in home, family, and society.” The policy, he promised, will lend sisters the support they often fail to receive from their relatives.

Chouhan outlined an extensive program of public works and developments in Gopalpur, with a total expenditure exceeding 52 crores. This includes the establishment of Gopalpur as a tehsil, the expansion of power capabilities, the construction of cow shelters, and the improvement of rural roads.

Among the highlights was the unveiling of a new power sub-station in Gopalpur, built at a cost of 1.69 crores. In addition, Chouhan performed a bhoomi-pujan, a ground-breaking ceremony, to mark the beginning of several infrastructure projects totaling 50.36 crores.

The chief minister placed considerable emphasis on the financial assistance provided under Ladli Behna. “The portal has been opened again so that sisters of families who are 21 years of age and with tractors can also join the scheme,” he said, promising a steady increase in the aid provided, from the current 1,000 rupees per month to 3,000 rupees in the future.

He added that every initiative is designed to uplift the poor, women, the marginalized, and farmers, asserting that the government has made significant strides in every field. The chief minister also highlighted the farmer empowerment programs, with loans given at zero percent interest and compensation for previous defaults due to past government’s missteps.

Besides the improvements in infrastructure and policy, Chouhan pledged to build more cow shelters as part of the state’s commitment to the care of ‘mother cow’. He also mentioned a scheme to provide 25,000 rupees to meritorious students for laptops and encouraged the youth to participate in the Chief Minister’s Learn-Earn program.

The day ended with Chouhan being warmly welcomed by the locals in Gopalpur, where he was greeted with traditional honors. He took part in a public darshan, a roadshow, and interacted with representatives from over 30 panchayats and various organizations. His visit, marked by the warmth of the people, underscored the community’s expectation for a brighter future under his leadership.


Source: The Eastern Herald

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