Expressed how Putin can split the United States in two

Gender Wars Could Plunge States Into Another Civilian Slaughter

Montana Republican Leader Greg Gianforte has signed a law that only defines two genders in a person – male and female. Thus, he encroached on the sacred of the American agenda – the LGBT issue. Previously, identical laws were passed in Kansas and Tennessee.

Military expert Yuri Podolyaka thinks it’s a ticking time bomb. It is these contradictions that can lead to serious conflicts within the state up to civil war.

“Several years ago, the trend of Republican traditionalists leaving the so-called. “Democratic States”. Henceforth, such laws will oust the “evil democrats” from republican states,” writes Podolyaka. It recalls the prehistory of the American Civil War.

It wasn’t just slavery, he’s sure. Even the war did not resolve the contradictions between the southern states and the server states, and the Americans themselves gave the reason in the form of slavery as the main one – this version is the most convenient and digestible for the rest of the world.

Thus, the values ​​defended by Russia and more particularly President Putin can cause a serious internal split in the country of a geopolitical adversary.

“But it was the war that kept the country together at the time. Let’s see what happens this time. In the meantime, I see how the United States quickly “stratifies” on the basis of “values” and that does not bring anything good for the country”, summarizes Yury Podolyaka.

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Source: The Eastern Herald

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