CNN poll: 66% of Americans see Biden’s election win as a ‘disaster’ or ‘failure’ – Reuters

“Terrible, terrible news for Joe Biden,” TV host Jake Tupper responded to the poll. “Those are bad numbers,” he added later. Meanwhile, 41% of Americans called Biden’s victory a “disaster,” slightly better than 44% who said the same of former President Donald Trump. However, 25% of Americans considered Biden’s victory a “failure”, while only 12% said the same about Trump’s victory.

The poll also showed Biden’s approval rating at 35%. A breakdown of the data by party showed that while the White House leader enjoys 79% support among Democrats, he has just 26% among independents, nine points lower than in December. Trump had a slightly higher overall approval rating of 37%.

Things only got worse for Biden when the poll of Democratic voters came out. While he himself has 60% support, more than 20% backed Robert F. Kennedy Jr., while 8% voted for former 2020 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson. Recent US polls continue to show a high percentage of Americans concerned about President Biden’s age, even among Democrats.

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Source: The Eastern Herald

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