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Christian Movie: Heaven’s War

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Heaven’s War could fit into the fantasy genre – or the sci-fi genre – or thriller… there is really no way to categorize this movie. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and that’s a good thing.

The movie centers on the life of Senator Jonah Thomas in a semi-futuristic world. The film starts out with multiple corrupt politicians fighting for his loyalty. After a bomb explosion that kills some and wounds many others, Jonah is transported into the spiritual realm, guided by the Archangel Gabriel. While FBI agents are trying to uncover the plot that led to the explosion, demons and angels are fighting for Jonah’s life in the spiritual realm.

One of the things that make Heaven’s War stand out from other films is the portrayal of the spiritual realm. In short, it is spectacular. The team behind the movie did a great job constructing a breathtaking, yet believable, spiritual world. While some scenes have environments that are pure CGI, most of the time the director chose to film with real locations. This helps to keep everything grounded and maintains the characters as the focus of the shots. Also, the angels and demons don’t have wings but do have excellent costumes. They are perfect.

The editing in Heaven’s War was decent, although repeated flashes of red in one scene were unnecessary. The fight scenes were well-cut and convincing, a highlight of the film. While some of the cast members were inexperienced, the lead actors did an amazing job. Donny Boaz, who plays the Archangel Gabriel, gives an otherworldly tone to the spiritual world. Jason Gerhardt is also fantastic, reacting to the twist and turns much the same as the audience does.

Matt Gates created a masterpiece with the soundtrack. It gives the whole film an epic feel and makes the spiritual realm all the more mysterious and captivating. The score has the potential to sink a movie or make it stand out, and thankfully Gates did not disappoint in this case.

Donny Boaz in Heaven’s War, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
The film is not perfect, and it’s not for everyone. Some may consider it to be cheesy, or mock the slightly sub-par special effects. However, I personally appreciated the boldness Heaven’s War took, both in the genre and subject matter. And, perhaps most importantly, the movie is entertaining!

The best part of the film was the most unexpected for me. Heaven’s War has one of the most powerful presentations of the gospel ever produced in film. Some may consider it too overt, but it takes a more illustrative approach rather than a “preach to the choir” approach. It also shows a bold representation of Heaven and Hell, both of which are very effective in leaving an impression on viewers. Overall, Heaven’s War is a beautifully bold movie that will not be forgotten easily

| June 10, 2022.


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