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Watch as Billionaire Prince White emphasized that they’re only but few billionaires in the world. Watch this video below. https://youtu.be/vK5DvYe4M-Y
In this episode Akpan’s uncle, Etim gives the duo a huge amount of money to help him acquire certain merchandise, meanwhile Uncle Etim had another plan. Watch and enjoy this hilarious episode. https://youtu.be/OZA2-ysIUPk
In this episode, Akpan and Oduma come in with business ideas but would everything go smoothly between the two? Watch the rest of the video below https://youtu.be/rUfAAN_3AOg
In this episode, Akpan plans to become Oduma’s in-law but Oduma won’t accept installment payment for his sister’s dowry. What the drama as it unfolds between the two. https://youtu.be/U_Z0C0jH0-g
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In this third part of Mark Angel Comedy,  In this part Mark and Emmanuella were driving past as narrow road when a police officer bashed their car from behind what happened next would blow your mind; Watch the rest of...
In this episode of Akpan and Oduma, Oduma believes Akpan has the gift of vision because of a dream he had. Will the dream come true as some of the events he saw in his dream begins to happen...
In this episode Uduma and Akpan tried to make some quick cash renting out the house, what happens next will blow your mind Watch to see for yourself, do not forget to comment. https://youtu.be/hopN_af-_u4
In this episode, Akpan shows that he is a very qualified lawyer with so much grammar upstairs. This is indeed an epic episode. Watch the rest of the video below. https://youtu.be/ykLb5LEa8yE
Topic: Keys To Experiencing Divine Preservation Establishment in righteousness is a key to Divine preservation. SCRIPTURE: In righteousness shalt thou be established: thou shalt be far from oppression; for thou shalt not fear: and from terror; for it shall not come...
In this video, the Billionaire Prince sends a message to Nigerian in the diaspora, quite satirically but very true and factual. Watch this video below. https://youtu.be/Spq57KStVBA
In this episode, Akpan and Oduma complain about lies told by some passengers who boarded the same bus with them. It becomes so much and they decide to follow the trend. Watch the video to see what happens next. https://youtu.be/jV8LPGi1giY  
In this episode the fact that there’s a need to acquire skills was not over emphasised, Akpan and Oduma understood this but were they willing to do what was required to acquire these skills? Watch the rest of the drama...
In this episode, Akpan refuses to give Oduma some money to pay for his hospital bills. Oduma, however, has a better way of getting the money from him. Watch the rest of the drama as it unfolded between the duo: https://youtu.be/9lY-1J8LPS0
In this episode, Patoski introduces a new business deal to the duo. They successfully set out on the mission until… Watch the rest of the video below: https://youtu.be/8-WbJjTziRU
Watch as the Parish Pastor of The Billionaires Ministry Worldwide prays for you all billionaire family. Watch and be blessed. https://youtu.be/Bd0nSXNaazg
In this episode, Akpan and Oduma decided to go on a victimization mission on Sister Bridget who was quite unfortunate to be their victim. Watch what happened afterward. https://youtu.be/euJgjVWBUgU
Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu aka “Oga Sabinus” and popularly known as MUMU MAN came into the limelight when his comedy videos went viral during the lockdown in the early days of 2020 after celebrities like Tunde Ednut began sharing his content on...
In this episode, Akpan and Oduma embarks on a scam mission to raise Twenty Million Naira, but monetary disagreement between them blows their cover. Watch top see the hilarious fracas among the two. https://youtu.be/chrZb0LSvIM