Bus Conductor In Abuja Charges His Passenger According To Who They Will Vote (See His Rates)

“Bus Conductor in Abuja Discriminates Based on Political Affiliation, Sparks Controversy”

A bus conductor in Life Camp, Abuja, has caused a stir after he was spotted calling out for passengers and announcing different fares based on the political affiliation of his potential customers. The conductor stated that passengers who were willing to vote for Peter Obi in the upcoming elections would be charged 250 Naira, while those who were supporters of Atiku would be required to pay 500 Naira. And, if anyone was a supporter of Tinubu, they would be charged a whopping 1,000 Naira.

This discriminatory act has sparked outrage among commuters and the public at large, with many people calling for the conductor to be reprimanded and the company he works for to take action. The incident raises serious concerns about the potential for political discrimination in the country, especially in the transportation sector.

In a country where political tensions are high, it is unacceptable for a public service provider to discriminate based on political beliefs. This kind of behavior undermines the principles of equality and fairness and could potentially lead to further division and conflict in the country.

The management of the bus company is yet to release an official statement on the matter, but it is expected that they will take swift action to address the situation and ensure that such incidents do not occur again in the future. The company has also been urged to educate its staff on the importance of providing equal services to all customers, regardless of their political beliefs.

In conclusion, the incident in Life Camp serves as a reminder of the need for all citizens to respect each other’s political views and to ensure that public services are provided equally and without discrimination. The transportation sector must remain neutral and provide its services without any political bias, to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers.

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