Bitcoin Has Made Our Currency Almost Useless And Valueless” – Senator Sani Musa (Video)

The Senator representing the Niger East Senatorial District of Niger State, Sani Musa has stated that Cryptocurrency has made the Naira almost useless and of no value.

The Senator said this on Thursday, February 11, during plenary while he and other lawmakers debated on the Central Bank’s decision to ban the use of digital currency in Nigeria.

He Said;

”Crptocurrency has become a world wide transaction of which you can not even identify who owns what. It is being protected by an app or stuck to a bloc chip. The technology is so strong. I don’t know the kind of regulation that we can do

Another very important thing that we should know is that Bitcoin has made our currency almost useless or valueless because I can remember that about six or seven years ago, my son bought three pieces of Bitcoin online and today, he is coming to tell me that he has Bitcoin for sale.

Where is it because it is not physical.

He said he has it on sale because he has bought it and each one is going for N17 million. So if we have an economy that is very weak and we cannot regulate Cryptocurrency in Nigeria, then I don’t know how our economy will be in the next few years.” he said

On February 5, the apex bank instructed all banks to close accounts of any of their customers trading in Cryptocurrency. According to the CBN, Cryptocurrencies are being used to finance crimes such as Terrorism, kidnapping, and others.

Watch the video of Senator Sani speaking below;

What Nigerian senators said today about CBN’s ban on cryptocurrency trading:”Bitcoin has made our currency almost useless and valueless.” – Senator Sani Musa (Niger East – APC).— Pulse Nigeria (@PulseNigeria247) February 11, 2021

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