Army Orders 36 Cayuse Warrior Plus Helicopters From US

Army Orders 36 Cayuse Warrior Plus Helicopters From US

The Nigerian Army has ordered 36 Cayuse Warrior Plus Helicopters from the United States of America to boost its air support operations against terrorists and other criminal elements.

A report by said the Army ordered another 12 sets of the attack helicopter after it had initially ordered 24 of such from the US based company to be deployed against insurgency.

Director, Army public relations Brig-gen Onyema Nwachukwu did not respond to inquiries on the procurement status.

The company, MD Helicopters (MDH) said it was boosting production capacity and hiring more staff to accommodate new orders for its Cayuse Warrior Plus light scout, reconnaissance, and attack helicopter.

According to MDH (Booth C2729), it has received an order for an additional 12 Cayuse Warrior Plus helicopters from the Nigerian Army, which had previously ordered an initial batch of 24.

The MDH president and CEO Brad Pedersen said “We are grateful for the trust of the Nigerian government and are pleased to showcase our purpose-built, light attack aircraft solution to Nigeria and the world,” .

“MD Helicopters has streamlined our production processes to directly address the current and planned increase of aircraft orders.”

To fulfill those new Cayuse Warrior Plus orders and other recent large contracts, the Mesa, Arizona-based company plans to hire more than 120 new employees after restructuring its production facility.

The company also announced that it will make changes to its agreements with authorized service centers and parts retailers to help attract and retain more local operators.

The report explained that the company is working to ensure that its service centers geographically align with the fielded fleets.

To help funnel more business through the authorized network of MD service centers and parts retailers, the company plans to stop selling directly to any customers other than those providers within its authorized network and some select fleet customers.

It is also working to convert the upgrade of the MD 500E helicopter to the MD 530F into a technical bulletin, meaning more MD-authorized service centers will be able to perform the upgrade around the world.

For now, the company’s facility in Arizona performs all the E-to-F upgrades.

The Nigerian Army plans to use the fleet of helicopters to assist with counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations in the African nation.

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