A fierce explosion took place in the cot, 18 thousand cows died, the rags of cows flew in the air

New Delhi. Cow is given the status of mother in India. Mother cow is worshipped. If by mistake the news of torturing cows comes somewhere, then there is an uproar in India. Be that as it may, a cow is the only animal in whose milk elements from mother’s milk are found. In such a situation, the cow is given the status of a mother. But there is news coming from the US which will break the hearts of cow lovers. Here there was such a huge explosion in a cot that eighteen thousand cows tied to the cot died in the lap of death.


This explosion took place in West Texas, US. According to the Animal Welfare Institute, this is the biggest case of animal death ever. Never before in history have so many animals been killed. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the fire brigade reached the spot, which took several hours to bring the situation under control. It is being told that so many cows have been killed in this blast, due to which there has been a loss of 2 billion 94 crores.

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explosion seen far awayThis explosion in Khatal was so gruesome that it was seen from a long distance. It is being told that due to the explosion, the cows started flying in the air. Now the cause of this blast is being investigated. After all, how such a big explosion took place, it is a matter of investigation. It is being told that 18,000 cows killed in the blast were Jersey and Holstein. They were tied up for milking when the explosion took place. One person was also injured in this accident. His condition is still stable.

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Photos of the accident went viralPhotos of this incident were shared on social media. At present, the cost of a cow in America is around one and a half lakh. In such a situation, it proved to be a big loss for the Khatal owner. About 30,000 cows were tied at the place where the incident took place. But the rest of them were saved. People are surprised that what kind of explosive was kept here, due to which such a huge explosion took place. Now this will be known only after investigation.

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